Torture, some romance, and more torture. I guess that sums up Grotesque quite well. The movie revolves around a man and a woman who have just started dating. Their first date has a dreadful ending when an insane man kidnaps and tortures them, for about an hour or so. That’s pretty much it.

I respect Kōji Shiraishi for constantly trying out new sub-genres in the horror world, but this ought to be his most pointless work to this day. I’m well aware that the purpose of this is to just gross out its audience, but there is more than that needed to captivate you as a viewer. There is no story, no character development and no entertainment whatsoever.

This collection of scenes with this couple getting mutilated by a lunatic, starts getting boring within the first fifteen minutes and the total 73 minutes run feels way longer. That is what happens when making a movie solely just to provoke moralizers.

I do not recommend Grotesque. If you want to see a nice splatter movie, I think Naked Blood is a much better idea.

0 Sadako-wells out of 5…